Do you think Cancer and Scorpio are a good match? Can you give me some Details?!

Question: Do you think Cancer and Scorpio are a good match!? Can you give me some Details!?
Yes, yes yes!. I don't have the time to really explain too many details!. But I've researched many sites and have found time and time again they are a match made in heaven!. A Cancer woman is the best for a Scorpio male!. I don't know about vice versa!. Scorpio will want to possess and control the Cancer!. Cancer will allow it because it makes her feel secure though she won't really make him jealous because of her loyalty!. They can talk about anything and often understand each other and can communicate without words!. Both are very intuitive so can subconsciously know what the other wants!. A Scorpio is a very hard to person to crack and really know!. If any sign can do it it's a Cancer!. Cancers will make a Scorpio man feel like he is the center of her world if not most important and that is what he needs!. She will do all within her reach to provide him with what he needs, emergency money, or just a listening ear!. She will always do something special on a birthday and just always be there!. I don't really have time but hey this is the best match and not only is this from all the astrology sites, but from personal experience!. Though mine didn't end well cause he was unevolved!. But I fell so so hard and through the relationships I've had I never had anyone have such a hold on my heart!. But go for it!. You won't regret it!. Maybe a little regret if he's unevolved but it's more than worth a chance and you'll definitely know if he is because those are negative scorps!. But still so addicting it'll be a long time before you say i'm done!. Whatever you do, have fun and keep an open mind!. ;)Www@Enter-QA@Com

they're a perfect match!. scorpio will greatly appreciate cancer's emotional and nurturing capabilities!. cancer will bask in scorpio's possessiveness because it gives her a sense of security!. they're both moody and intuitive!.!.!.so that just adds to the list of things they have in common!. based off of sun sign alone, this is a wonderful match!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Well my sign is in the middle between gemini and cancer and i have been with a scorpio for the past year and it's great he's the best guy i have ever been with he's attentive to my needs will do anything for me he's just as dedicated to me as i am to him!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Yes and no Cancer female and Scorpio male but female Scorpios tend to be manipulative!. My friends parents are female cancer and male Scorpio they are attracted to each other because they are so opposites and enjoy each others companyWww@Enter-QA@Com

Yes going off sun signs alone this is a very good match!. Cancer's have an innate romantic thing for Scorpio's and Scorpio's have a spiritual relationship with Cancer!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

agree with Alex!.

2 thumps up Alex!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I agree w/ Lala!. I'm a cancer who actually never got along w/ scorpios cause of bad experiances w/ them, but after i started to date one hes been the best boyfriend i've ever had!. I can talk to him, hes funny, and very passionate!. Alot of people say scorpios are always jelouse, but ive never really saw that in him yet!. It all depends on what kind of Cancer girl you are!. If you are up with dealing with people who never take things seriously then u can deal with a scoprio they are always cracking jokes about everthing!. also at first its gonna take a while to get him to open up to u and make sure he chases u cause scorpios hate people who are always up their ***, but after they fall in love they want u there all the time!. It also depends on what kind of scorpio your dealing w/ my sister is married to a scorpio and i hate him hes cheap and a compulsive liar

goodluck :]Www@Enter-QA@Com

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