Taurus men and Breakup ?!?!

Question: Taurus men and Breakup !?!!?
when taurus men breakup, what goes through their mind!? do they ever go back to the person they once had feelings for!? what if the relationship was not long ie!. 4 months!? do they ever contact that person again!? what are their traits when it comes to breakup!? in general, what is a taurus man like when it comes to breakup and post-breakup!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

I am a Taurus female and I dated once, some years ago a Taurus guy but nothing happened between us, I think we were not suitable for each other!. He just broke up with his recent girlfriend, who was a Scorpio and he wanted to have her back by all means and I was so insecure about him and I decided we better do not keep seeing each other!. I stopped calling him and he stopped calling me too but I am sure if his ex called him, he would do anything to patch and be with her!. Depends on the two individuals involved in the relationship, if the guy or the girl would change their minds or not!.

I know you asked about Taurus males but if I judge from myself, though I am Taurus female, if I decide no, I won't change my mind, it takes really long for me to decide, but once I make up my mind, I might stick to it!. Although I might change my mind if I really feel like to and outgrow my stubbornness!.

I am sorry if I didn't help much but that's all I can write from my personal observations!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I am Taurus and have dated Taurean men!.

In my experience the guys tend not to contact you again, after a break-up!.

Taurus is known for being slow-moving!. This is because we tend to weigh up a situation before committing ourselves to action!. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign, we tend to be practical, rather than emotional, and reliable (we don't change our opinion once it's made - 'stubborn' if you like)!.

A lot of Taureans think people changing their minds (maybe you dumped him and are now having regrets!?) annoying at least!.

Of course, there may be aspects of his chart mitigating the typical Taurean traits!. But that takes us outisde of sun-sign astrology!. One would need to know more birth details to see!.


I'm going out with a Taurus and he is as stubborn as a bull!. He adores me but I know if we broke up he would not contact me at all!. He is very loving but very easily hurt!. The end up of our relationship would hurt him so deeply that he wouldn't want to be near me again!. If I am out with other men or talk about other men he shuts down completely!. He is very loyal and in a way thinks I should only want to be around him 24/7!.
Alas I'm a Gemini!.!.!.!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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