Zodiacs are shopping for a mattress?!

Question: Zodiacs are shopping for a mattress!?
What would each sign look for!?

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An aries will walk into the mattress store and buy the first bed they see that looks nice, no shopping about it!. They prefer single or twin size mattresses and are prone to picking their boogers and hiding them beneath their pillows!.

Taurus' will test every bed in the freakin' store for comfort and will compare prices!. Taurus' are the ultimate shoppers, it's just too bad that they are so rude to the salesperson!. Often times salespeople are taurus' though so it's alright!. Taurus' have many wet dreams, so an absorbant mattress is key too!.

Gemini prefer!.!.!.!.!.you guessed it!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.twin sized beds!. also bunk beds are cool!. They often call "top bunk" to themselves then lie in bed talking to themselves for several hours!. Gemini's invented insomnia!. They also invented tartar sauce!.

Cancers want a queen sized bed because they hold out hope that, just like in their dreams, the person of their dreams will come in the middle of the night and comfort them!. They drool in their sleep, so pillows are key too!. They look for comfort and size!. They avoid sales!.

Leo's want a bed with a build-in mirror towards the end, they think it will help them as they can watch themselves sleep and are disappointed to find it never works!. They also want a king size bed since they are the rulers of everyone!. They dream of themselves and consequently, have lots of wet dreams!. So something absorbant too!.

Virgo's look for the neatest most tidy bed in the place!. Something stiff, just like them!. also they wash their sheets every day so they need something clean, that way while the sheet's in the washer they don't have to look at a mess!. also they will talk with the salesperson about current events and end up buying something nice and simple!.

Libra doesn't care about the place or the cute guy over by the comforters, but instead they will just buy the most lavish, pillow-infested bed in the joint!. And pink!. Lots of pink!. Comfort is nice but it's gotta be big!.

Scorpio wants something with bounce if ya know what I mean!. A king size is good, but twin will do!. Scorpios have too many sex dreams and often hump their pillows!. Sad but true!. They will seem sexy and secretive to the sales guy, but in the end he won't acheive a number!.

Sagittarius' doesn't shop for beds!. They sleep on the floor!. Period!.

Capricorns will buy the box bed!. It's just a box!. They are cheap tight wads who wouldn't dare waste money on something like comfort or luxury!. They would ask the sales guy questions about the company and compare prices!. Then they'd check the stocks to see which bed company is low, then buy a few shares of stock!. Then go home with their new box, satisfied!.

Aquarius' like water beds!. It makes them feel different and special!. Regular beds are for stiffs!. They are no stiffs!. They are prone to kicking and talking in their sleep, so a big, long bed is good!. Otherwise they fall out of bed alot!.

Pisces lives in a bed store!. They just sleep all day and dream!.!.!.!.!.!.!.they two like bunk beds!. They sleep on bottom because their imaginary friend will want to sleep on top and they are sensitive and kind enough to let them!.

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ok attempting to cheer you up, here goes!.!.!.

aries wants a bed thats fireproof as im sure they will be doing some serious bedroom experimenting!.

taurus wants cozy bed with some seriously luxurious bedsheets, pillow, comforter you name it, we must have it at any cost!.

gemini wants a bed that can be interchangeable think futon, and if thats not possible they own several different comforters!.

cancer wants a bed that he or she designed they are are little artists and must be surrounded by something that can inspire their minds or cheer that little crab up!.

leo doesn't care as long as a bed is available when they need it!.

virgo wants something perfect not the most expensive thing money can buy but the best find!. they are picky and want something that can suit that!.

libra wants a huge bed with lots of room enough for them whoever is in their with them that night and also for their egos to rest comfortably!.

scorpio wants a bed that means something to them, sheets someone else bought for them, a bed that belonged to someone they love ect but it must be comfortable!.!.!.and durable hehe!.

sagittarius wants a bed that fits their style, if they are single the bed must be smaller because they would feel lonely sleeping in a big bed alone even if it ws more ocmfortable!.

cappricorn wants a bed that can stand some serious punishment it doesnt matter if everything matches it must have a compartment for sex toys!.

aquarius wants a bed that is comfortable but classic and they must have several pillows or forget it!.

pisces wants a bed that is good sturdy and clean with not many things around it!. even though their wandering minds makes them prone to messes their bed must be a place for them to escape and get their heads right again!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Virgo!. We would have to know the measurements so that it would fit exactly in the right spot!. Plus is couldn't be too soft nor too firm!. We are perfectionist, what can I say!. :)Www@Enter-QA@Com

Taurus: Latest trends
Capricorn: functionality - (I sleep on the floor)

Leo: The receipt, because it's priced cheaper some where else!.

Sagittarius: Eco friendly synthetic animal feathers!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Cancer- Comfort
Leo- Space
Capricorn- Will he be able to perform well on it, and more importantly---how much does it COST!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

What!!@!?!? lol!.!.!.!.I know what I want!!! THE NICEST, HIGHEST, MOST COMFORTING BED THAT MONEY COULD BUY!!!!!!!1Www@Enter-QA@Com

Taurus would look for a big comfy bed because we need to rest our lazy asses!.!.!.lol

lmao!.!.wow!.!.!.we're like opposite!.!.!.my mom is a Scorpio!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

i am pisces and i don't spend money on mattressWww@Enter-QA@Com

Aries: simple mattress!. Whatever gives you a good and short night's rest!. Didn't think there would be much sleeping done where an Aries is concerned, did ya!? :p Shouldn't spend too much money on it, but preferrably one with springs in it when they are little - or a mattress that makes "making camps" fast and easy!.

Taurus: not too hard, not too soft; just right!. And moveable!. You know, those neck complaints can get bad when you have the wrong mattress!. Preferrably a specialist mattress, made to exactly their standards!.

Gemini: soft!. Simple!. Sleeping is for the weak!. You can't have fun when you sleep!.

Cancer: soft, but not too soft!. Wouldn't want to be swallowed down by your mattress while cuddling with your loved one, do you!? Or worse; have your loved one being swallowed down by the mattress!.

Leo: ever heard of the princess and the pea story!.!.!. 21 mattresses for leo! Preferrably with a pea between the 18th and the 19th one! Oh, and a ladder!.!.!.

Virgo: a simple mattress!. Nothing fancy!. Anything more fancy would be completely pointless!. If possible, Virgo would even prefer to sleep on the sofa rather than a bed!. Or a boxspring ~ they're more practical!.

Libra: A designer mattress with massage functions and entirely moveable!.

Scorpio: a mattress that can stand the test of time!.!.!. or action!. Possibility of being ruined on the first day of purchase, so needs to be decent wear!.

Sagittarius: a mattress that has been with the owner since they moved on their own - or a second-hand mattress aired enough to get the bad odours out!. No bedframe, simply on the ground (it's healthier sleeping on the ground anyway)!. Or a boxspring, simply because it is 3-in1 (a bed, a drawer and a mattress) and so easy to move around with!

Capricorn: a simple mattress!. Preferrably hard!. Nothing fancy, although designer is always welcome!.

Aquarius: a water-bed, what else!? Just joking!.!.!.

Pisces: A very soft mattress!. The softest of the softest kind!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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