Anyone know a Vain Libra Woman?!

Question: Anyone know a Vain Libra Woman!?
I know three Libra women!.!.!.two are very sweet and not at all in love with themselves, and this other one!.!.!.!.well, she feels she is God's gift to men and wants attention from every last one of them! She is engaged to one of my dearest friends (a Capricorn) and meanwhile, she is having online chat sessions with this guy over in the UK, she is doing "Independent films" for her college (they mostly involve her getting into sleazy lingerie and doing 'stage kisses' with other cast members), and mostly all of her friends are guys!. My Cappy friend seems rather nonchalant about it, but I see trouble brewing!. Are some Libra women fickle and attention hounds like her!? Be honest!. The two other Libra's I know are in commited relationships and are nothing like her!. Last night she showed me some pictures of herself and said "Don't I look awesome!.!.!.wow, I really look incredible in these pictures"!. Who the hell does that!? My best friend the Leo doesn't even do that! Thoughts!? Thanks!Www@Enter-QA@Com

good question!! i have always got along with librans (im a taurus) till i met this one girl!.!.!. who i always felt was competing with me somehow!. we're same height and figure!.!. but sometimes she makes wierd comments like 'isnt it wierd how me and u are the same size but i have a bigger bust than you'! once randomly she asked me 'how much do i weigh!?, what waist size am i' and one night she even said 'girls would die to have my figure'!! and she is 2 and 1/2 years older than me! i was 17 when i met her and she was 19 i think!. ive known her for about 5 hears now!.!. she's calmed down with her competitiveness but its still in the back of my head what she is like! oh well!.!. cant really be bothered wit people like her!.!. they just want attention!.!.!!Www@Enter-QA@Com

libra's are wat they call the real venus children!.!.most of my bestfriends are libra but none of them acts like compared to that!.!.!.but most of them are really play girls, vamps, flirts!.!.etc but they told me that they are just for the perfect one!.!.!.but moslty libra's head can totally be large if you compliment them alot!.!.maybe because she is a venus child!.!.!.alot are amazed with her beauty or her appeal that alot compliments her maybe she's just used with being praised all the time!.!.!.maybe its how she grow up!.!.!.but you cant blame her!.!.but for you as a cancer you can totally!.!.!.wreck her up with just simple words!.!.that is if you plan to change her!.!.!.^^Www@Enter-QA@Com

i know a lot of vain libra women than can put the other signs to shame with their vanity, and a lot who are not too much concerned about their looks!. those humble librans prefer to ignore their vain counterparts!. as was said by a libra friend of mine: "not everything is about beauty"!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

In all fairness, not to bash my own sun sign but it sounds like she has some serious Scorpio influence, there!.!.!. have you had a look at the rest of her chart yet!? (and I don't mean Scorpio moon, but Scorpio mercury and venus was what I was thinking of first)Www@Enter-QA@Com

sorry to say this but shes certainly got under your skin, if someone gets under my skin i figure its because somethings lacking in my life to care so much, and when i have found something better to do that person's 'ways' mean less to me!.
it happens to all of us!.
by the way i'm libran and i go between caring about my image to not giving a s**t, and the latter is more liberating!. peace xWww@Enter-QA@Com

err!.!.!. how about every single Libra women

they are ruled by Venus, Venus is also known as the Roman god of Aphrodite!. In myths, she is the vain goddess of love and beauty!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

That doesn't sound like if it is on the up and up!.It sounds shady to me!.Did she have to pay or was there a dirty old man taking the picturesWww@Enter-QA@Com

Well, I do know one Libra woman who's
too vain for her own good, actually!. ***deep breath***
She always flirts with the wrong kind of guys (sleazy)!.
Oh, & she even has stooped so low that she gave it up
to 2 guys she went out with, both on the very first freakin' date !!!

She also talks a lot of trash behind people's backs &
sometimes even to their own faces!. I know this because
she's even done it to me!. Everything is never good in her
opinion, unless, of course, she's the one doing it!.
It's like she begs for the wrong kind of attention!.

Actually, I can remember a while back where she & I were
at a park for lunch!. Anyway, she sees this other lady walking
by!. Out of nowhere, she goes & says, "Oh, there goes an overdressed hag !"!. The woman turns around, walks right up
to her & almost knocks the living crap out her !!!

Meanwhile, I'm trying to step back, 'cause at the moment,
honestly, I was embarrassed to be seen with her when she
said that!. The lady wasn't a hag!. She was actually dressed more decently than this woman that I was having lunch with!.

As a Libra myself, I'm actually the self - deprecating
type sometimes!. At least when I'm that depressed!.
I tend to feel like I don't really deserve stuff & feel a little
defeated, in a sense!. It's like I want to be in committed relationship with someone, but I don't know if they would
actually want the same!. At least with a lady like me anyway!.
I don't know!. I guess nice ladies sometimes DO finish last maybe!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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