I believe in astrology and God, but why does God give some people very difficult!

Question: I believe in astrology and God, but why does God give some people very difficult charts and some very easy!?
if they have only one life!? It doesn't seem right, because a difficult chart will give more difficult transits and synastry as well!.

No comments please from those who are into sun sign astrology or those who haven't studied it!.
I have studied it and it works!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Well this is a great question!. You delve into spirituality and religion, meshing it with the art of astrology!. This could give some interesting results!. I personally have my own beliefs on a higher being (I'm a pagan but I do believe in a "god" you could say) and since practicing astrology, it seems they sort of come together at times!. I think God does not choose the chart for us, but rather our souls choose it!. You know how we are here to learn lessons, to live life, to understand!.!.!.!.!.!.!.well, we choose what we would like to learn!. Sort of like college , to use an analogy!. The school has required classes, but we ultimately choose our "major" or field of focus!. I think that's similiar to astrology and birth charts!. I think God may help decide and help us out sometimes, but ultimately it's up to us!. We must learn ourselves, God cannot make us!. And we choose these lessons to overcome in order to reach a higher being, a more "old" and wise soul!. Thus, if we don't learn the life lessons, or chart lessons, we don't grow or become more wise!. But if we do, the opposite effect happens!.

Now you may ask 'so a chart with easier lessons is a younger soul and vice versa right!?' Honestly this may be the case often, but certainly not always or even a majority of the time!. Sometimes, an old soul may choose to focus on only one or two things mainly, thus giving themselves a fairly easy chart so they can more surely learn their lessons!. With a newer soul, they may bite more than they can chew and choose to have all this hardship and all these lessons!.

Synastry is much the same to me!. Anyone we meet is not predetermined, but those who do affect us will help us learn!.

Just my opinion!. I hope people will respect it as I respect anyone else's take on the subject!. I would be interested to hear what others think!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I believe this is because different people may have different lessons to learn and things to overcome!. I do believe reincarnation of some sort is possible but its more of an idea than a belief, that perhaps we come back many times and face different challenges!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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