What are my dominant planets, signs and placements? And could you give me any in!

Question: What are my dominant planets, signs and placements!? And could you give me any insight!?
Sun in virgo
Rising in Cancer
Moon - Cancer
Mercury virgo
Venus leo
Mars virgo
Jupiter aquarius
saturn scorpio
uranus saggitarius
Neptune capricorn
Pluto scorpio

Midheavan Pieces!.

Sun Sextile Saturn
Sun Square Uranus
Sun Sextile Ascendant
Moon Trine Saturn
Moon Quincunx Neptune
Moon Square Pluto
Mercury Quincunx Jupiter
Mercury Sextile Pluto
Venus Trine Uranus
Mars Trine Neptune
Mars Sextile Pluto
Jupiter Square Pluto
Uranus Quincunx Ascendant
Neptune Sextile PlutoWww@Enter-QA@Com

Ron gives a great answer and I would like to expand some!.

As usual, the chart's ruling planet is big!. In your case it would be the moon, which is dignified in the sign of cancer, making the moon even more prominent!. It seems to be the start of a locomotive chart as well, giving even more emphasis!. Locomotive just refers to the pattern your planets make in the chart!. But definately the moon is the most key!. Midheavne in pisces makes neptune big too, and yes mercury since it is dignified and exalted in virgo and rules the sun!.

Email me hey if you want a more detailed reading!. Hope this helps!Www@Enter-QA@Com

Well first of all it looks like your dominant signs would be cancer since that is your rising sign,and you also have the moon in cancer which probably would make you a very sensitive and intuitive individual!. The other sign that would be dominant is virgo which is your sun sign,and you have mercury in virgo which makes you an excellent planner and organizer who covers all details,and your sun in virgo would make you organized efficient and practical!.Your moon in the first house makes you guided by your emotions and feelings and an active "sixth sense" helps you read people!.I think that maybe the moon is dominant in your chart as well as mercury,and neptune!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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