PSYCHIC where will i go?!

Question: PSYCHIC where will i go!?
i was born on july 14th 1992 around 12:38 am in hyderabad!. I'd like to know if I will go to an in state college or out of state!. Can you please describe what college I will go to and what my life wil be like then!. There is this certain college I want to go to and a specific campus as well!.!.!.well i get acccepted there!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

Psychics can't tell you things like that!.

That is something you will know!. Get your head out of the clouds and do things!. Thinking and looking for fairytale answers from a psychic is not going to change anything!.

What good if psychic tells you anyway you stll have to make it happen!. What you craving right now is reaasurrance!. Getting it from a psychic is like an escape to comfort of someone telling you an life you could live!.
This is where you need to challenge and just go with the flow!. Study and work at it!. Things fall into place as it should!.

I know what I'm talking about or well I'm fairly knowledgable on this, when I was your age I went to psychics!. I got some answers rights some not!. some psychic will tell you it will be blue others said it will be green another will tell you go for red etc etc

!. I ended up more confused after going to all these fortune tellers!. 90% of them are con artist's, sadly make the other 10% look like cons too and exploit people like you!. So please take my advice and listen to your own inner psychic!. :) Or ask people who actually know you!. Even better ask a career guidance!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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