Will Anyone Be Going To The Tokio Hotel Concert In Atlanta?!

Question: Will Anyone Be Going To The Tokio Hotel Concert In Atlanta!?
My dad is going to try to get me a ticket, but the thing is that he will want to go as well because i am fifteen and he doesn't want me going alone, and i don't really want him to go with me but i can't drive yet, he will probably go but i will try to dissuade him from coming in!.

I would like a companion, i know that sounds weird but i promise you that i am not some sixty year old pervert or a psycho!.
The thing is that i don't have any friends were i live because i am home schooled so i don't get out much, and i would like someone to meet up with someone!.
My dad will probably insist on meeting them and making sure that they aren't some sixty year old pervert or a psycho as well :)

If anyone is going i would love to meet up!.

Oh and i won't go with a guy, again because of my dad(don't get me wrong i love my dad and all but sometimes he can be a bit overprotective)and i can't go with anyone older then me, i know that this sounds like i'm a child molester but really i'm not, and i would prefer it if a adult came along!.

Ok that was long, anyway i hope someone can go with me it would be so much fun!.
Thanks in advance for your answers!.

oh and you must provide your own ticket(or tickets if theres two or three of you)Www@Enter-QA@Com

i'm going!. :D
i'm 14 and my friend is going too,
she's 15!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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