Can anyone help me give a good idea for a kid's story? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!? ?!

Question: Can anyone help me give a good idea for a kid's story!? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!? !?
i'm writing a kids story that's going to rhyme
ages 6-8 and i don't know what ideas to use
here's what i got so far!.!.!.
character- a bunny named ______ (i need a name boy or girl)


It isn't your story if we come up with it!.

Try brainstorming!. What morals are good to teach to children ages 6-8!? Then look at those morals and brainstorm ideas for each!. If anything stands out particularly, use it!. Otherwise, do it again!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

ok if he has to obey his parents, maybe he doesn't obey his parents when they tell him not to do something!. Like!.!.!.they tell him not to go somewhere, but he goes there anyway, and almost gets eaten by a!.!.!.fox!? I don't know!. Something like that!. Www@Enter-QA@Com

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