How Did Gibson and Fender guitars became sooo expensive...?!

Question: How Did Gibson and Fender guitars became sooo expensive!.!.!.!?
and whick is you favorite electric guitar!?(not necesary to be only Gibson or Fender)Www@Enter-QA@Com

quality, endorsement, pricing(!? lol)!.!.!.for the money youre gonna get a good guitar, a realy good guitar!. Own a fender strat myself, pretty average as far as Fender goes I guess but yes it cost a decent amount, nothing too expensive though!.

I'm not sure what the technical term is but I think theres something to be said for being a lasting power in whatever industry you try and get into, once you last for awhile and stay popular and have a number of artists endorse or simply play your instruments, your brand name is gonna stick around!.

lemme add to that with something I'm more familiar with: the drums!. Alot of drummers will tell you that they aspire to getting a DW custom kit if they had the chance, or perhaps a Tama one or a Pearl one or ludwig to some extent to i think!.!.!.now, DW is known as the drummer's drum company, Tama and Pearl are two brands that (and DW has this too) have a number of bigtime drummers in various genres (Tama has alot of harder rockers i think) playin their stuff!. And lets not forget Ringo and Bonzo!.!.!.LUDWIG will forever be popular

You just dont see as many Sonor, Gretsch, or Mapex kits as you do DW, Pearl, Tama, etc!.!.!.

What Im tryin to say is!.!.!.when you think about guitars what do you think of!? Ibanez or Schecter!? or a nice Gibson les paul, or a vintage fender telecaster!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

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