Mark * shithe4d * Ronson wins best Male Award ?!

Question: how can he when he never sings a note


Answers: how can he when he never sings a note


The best british male music artist - a) Doesn't sing, b) doesn't write the words c) doesn't write the music? d) isn't even the biggest / most talented star in most of his performances????

The brits has so discredited itself.

i thought that when it is daniel merriwhether than sings on stop me and amy whinehouse and lily who sing valerie and Oh my god

The song stop me is fab. Love Daniel what's he's name's voice.

I'm with you. Alot of the nominee's were unknown so left it wide open for the likes of Mark Bloody Ronson. lol

I think it might have something to do with who ya know, not what you know. ie... all the stars he's had working with him have made his name. So by voting for him, you're voting for many.

p.s. did you see him grab the mic off Amy Winehouse at the end of the song lol

I'm having trouble understanding the 'best male award' when as you say he hasn't actually sung a note. it could be because of his dad, Mick though

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