What is "indie" music?!

Question: i never understood what it was!

give me an example of a popular indie group!


Answers: i never understood what it was!

give me an example of a popular indie group!


Groups that perform on Independent Music Labels.
The Vines, The Hives, Kings of Leon, etc.

Bands like Oasis.

INDIVIDUAL (unique group band/music)

ingrid michaleson....frou frou...the shins..anything not mainstream in a way.


Generally bands that aren't on a popular music label but on an Independent record label.

The Shins is a good example...actually most of the bands featured on the Garden State Soundtrack (with the exception of Simon and Garfunkel) are Indie.

Indie, is a term used to describe genres, scenes, subcultures, styles and other cultural attributes in music, characterized by their independence from major commercial record labels and their autonomous, do-it-yourself approach to recording and publishing.

"Indie" is for "Independent Music". Look into "indie rock". It's really good. They aren't mainstream, which makes them cooler. A few indie bands are The Strokes, Kings of Leon, The Hives, The Vines, Jet, LCD Soundsystem, Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party and Babyshambles. Try them out. They create different music. If you compare LCD Soundsystem to Kings of Leon, there is a big difference. Indie music rocks! I hope you get into indie music. :D

independent bands. They basically ahve like mixed music, it has every kind of rock music in it.

hey viva,

origin of the term indie (when referring to music) is Independent label, meaning a smaller record label (not the Big 5 record companies) like Matador, Absolutely Kosher, Asthmatic Kitty, etc.

but it's come to mean a lot more in the last 5 or so years.

arguably, it is now actually a "genre" of music - not describing the style of music, but the general effort behind it. indie artists/bands, whether it's rock, pop, hip hop, etc., are generally out to make music first and money second. the music isn't created *to* make money, as it is with the big labels (generally), where producers figure out what will sell (that particular week) and then shape artists into that particular mold.

not to say that money isn't important to indie artists, but it's a means to continue creating music.

i know, i know. not exactly simple.

when it comes down to it, the most important thing to take away from all of this is to *support indie music* 'cause you've got a lot better chance of your money actually going to the artists rather than the record companies.


[1] sunset rubdown

[2] yeah yeah yeahs

[3] broken social scene

hope that helped.


music that is both catchy and headbanging most of the time.
like, cant be classified as emo because its too happy.
and cant be classified as alternative because its more melodic.

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