Rhydian is the christmas number one.who likes her style of singing? or dont you !

Question: Do you love songs?

Answers: Do you love songs?

If i'm not mistaken Rhydian is a bloke

Yes i like his style of singing....

i don't think he would like you calling him she

She is awful

HE, is a talented guy, not my type of music though..................

he's Ok, he does have a natural talent though

Rhydian is a girl?!

I dont think its fair on the other contestants as Rhydian, has already appeared and worked on musical shows for his singing,to me this makes him semi-professional .and has already studied and been professionally had his voice coached and trained to the high standard hes got,this is u nfair to all the others ,any one agree with me on this.

You obviously don't listen to much music if you think that he is the best singer ever.

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