Have you seen famous people made out of wax?!

Question: Who? and Did they look real?

Answers: Who? and Did they look real?

Yea seen this Replica of Jennifer Lopez wit some sick fat (Real) man posing beside it.....
i was like how d hell cud she actually do that.....until i looked closer to see it was actually a replica.....very real

i didnt see it in person but i no miley cyrus was made into a wax figure
and it looked a lot like her

Just last week I went to NYC on vacation and got my picture taken with Samuel L. Jackson!!

I had to do a double take he looked so real!

In the photo, however, he looks like he is sweating! LOL! Very shiny complexion. I guess we should have turned off the flash!

Not yet lol Good Question

I was in Madame Tussuad′s, it was very nice & they do look real

yes they did i seen abe lincon once. and a bunch of other ppl

I have seen lots of pictures of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo Di'Caprio and various others. Most of them look amazingly real. Di'Caprio - not so much! They just didnt capture his true hunky.

Yep, at wax museum's. They looked like wax replica's of real people.

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