Why are these miley cyrus/jonas bros fans throwing tantrums on here?!

Question: I wish all these little kids would go to bed , and leave yahoo for the more mature users

Answers: I wish all these little kids would go to bed , and leave yahoo for the more mature users

Omg!!! I Noe iits so annoying!!
By Saying Your Not Throwing A Tantrum is throwing a tantrum!
Finally Someone who understands! =]

because they're a bunch of immature 12-13 yr olds. lol

what do u mean, put more

uhh what? I don't get what you mean by "throwing tantrums"

tanturms? how?


Why don't you ask them?
And as a '' miley Cyrus/ Jonas Brother fan'' we are not you are asking this question and it will make them mad {even though they were never mad}

So Maybe the problem is people like ''you''. You Miley Cyrus/ Jonas Brother HATER!!!!!!!!!


OMG! will everyone stop talking about hannah montana
you #1 fan people are really annoying

I dont know but Milley can kiss my ****!!!!!!!

I know, they all need to chill.

I'm a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers but those fans are like that because there retard that are way over protective on them. They piss me off so much, there all like. OUUU I HATE YOU NOW BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE THE JONAS BROTHERS EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE YOUR OWN OPINION ON EVERYTHING BUT I DON'T CARE BECAUSE IT HAS TO DO WITH THE JONAS BROTHERS I DON'T LIKE IT ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY SAY THAT THEY HATE THEM AND THERE GAY!! OMJ OMJ LET ME GO CUT MY SELF IN A CORNER NOW WHILE LOOKING AT A PICTURE OF THE JONAS BROTHERS SO THEY ARE SOME HOW INVOLVED IN MY STUPID WAYS!! ITS SO LIFE CHANGING BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE DON'T LOVE AND STALK THE JONAS BROTHERS AS MUCH AS ME!!! Its like who gives a sh** if some loner that you don't even know hates them??!! Yeah big deal. I hate those fans so much, it would be funny if the Jonas Brothers them selves told them off. Oh great I'm mad now. Oh I know!! I'm going to go take it out on people that hate the Jonas Brothers!!!

Sure there are tons of Miley/JB fans typing away violently and freaking out over haters and what not, but not all of us are like that . . .

and No, not all of us are so-called immature 12-13 year olds.
I'm 15 and there are still fans that are older.

Tantrum-people whinnying about people and yelling bu in this case saying bad things


im not throwing a tantrum!

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