Hey does anyone know this actress ?!

Question: The actress's image is at http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/306/f...

Answers: The actress's image is at http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/306/f...

hey i KNOW,who is she.she is Brinda Parekh.

no i dnt know her sorry

She doesn't looks familiar

what movies or shows is she in?

uhh hillar duff
jk idk

She sorta looks like Jeniffer Lopez. But I dunno who she is.

Havent seen her

Might be Kim Kardashian.

No sorry. Dont recognize her but looking at that pose she doing....it doesnt impress me.

she looks almost familiar, but can't say i know who she is

nope..is she a porn star??

John Howard I think. Is a porn star.

yes, her name is potato

Nope, But she looks like I should

Looks familiar, but I can't think of where/why. Sorry...

its my girlfriend u bastard how did u get her on it?

she is Asin!

She Looks Good...!!

I don't know,but looks familiar and inviting !


sorry....... dono her


didn't it say her name when you typed it.

nope...she seems to be a newcomer though...i saw a girl like her in some movie of 2007...i don't remember the name...it was just a trailer song...i think it was naqaab or something...

srry dnt knw

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