Was Cierra previously a guy?!

Question: It was just a rumor I heard. I'm just clarifying.

Answers: It was just a rumor I heard. I'm just clarifying.

No. Ciara was born with both genitalia. Her parents were given the choice of having a boy, or a girl (she technically she was both). So, they chose to have baby girl, and we now have a wonder gorgeous female singer who I'm jealous of...(LOL) i love her voice for some reason.... :-)

What do u think???!!!!


i herd the same

No, if she was a guy how would she have a voice like that..............and how could she have hips and if she got her adams apple out then you would see a hole in her throat where she got it taken out and if she didn't you'd notice cuz she'd sound like a guy, those people who made up that rumor were obviously jealous cuz she's beatiful an awesome dancer and a pretty good singer, also they're the same people who said mary j blige, toni braxton, janet jackson, aaliyah and many more were guys..

Someone told me that when she was born she had both sex organs ? ? ? I don't know if there really is any truth to that

yeah i've heard that too, she can have a high voice if she had the opperation before she was through puberty.

First of all, her name is spelled Ciara. And, no i don't think she is. People are just haters.

no stop spreading rumors

Its Ciara and no she wasnt a man....it was just a rumor! Dats my girl she can dance her *** off!

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