Chuck Berry related to Halle Berry?!

Question: They look kind of alike.

Answers: They look kind of alike.

Nope. Halle ain't much of a guitar player and Chuck ain't too easy on the eyes.

Very distant relatives at best.


chuck berry is halles berrys brother, but formally her sister. in 1972 chuck berry had a sexchange making him halles berrys brother. they then moved to cambodia so they could get married. later they had children and chuck divorced halle and married is youngest daughter. he is now his own uncle in law.

they are no relation my dad is a big chuck berry fan he is the best quitar player in the world.
they dont look alike at all.

maybe who cares !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES! and Frankenberry is related to BooBerry. And BooBerry is related To Dave Barry who is related to cheri Berri. You dont know her,though. She was a kind of ugly girl who had way too much hair on her lip. She got a sex change 10 years ago. I guess thats why we now call her Cheri Larry Very Scary Berry.

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