Who is your favorite pop star miley or selena?!

Question: I LUV BOTH OF 'EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Answers: I LUV BOTH OF 'EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

miley is a ROCKSTAR!
NOBODY'S PERFECT but she is!
i would love to be her TRUE FRIEND!!

me to i love both


Neither are stars and I hate them both.

Miley's one in a million? Gee how hard is it to find an ugly girl with no talent who can wear an ugly wig. Yeah, that's a rare find.

I ? Miley!
I dunno who Selena is =[

They're both pretty good.

i like them both the same!

i hate miley
selena so awesome


Selena is not a Pop star, she's into Rock and Punk music and maybe a little Pop, but she's mostly a rocker chic.
Miley is a Bumblegum Pop star.
Anyway, I prefer Selena because she's a great actress/singer, she's very sweet and down-to-earth and she's getting really famous. She has two movies coming out and she's gonna have a rock band. So buy it when her album comes out, possibly next year!
Honestly, Miley is not as talented as Disney makes her out to be and she's just EVERYWHERE. It gets tiring and annoying.

both are cool

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