Who else agrees with me [its about the kids choice awards last night]?!

Question: 1)jack black was a bit stupid and bogus as a host
2)Nick jonas was looking so so so cute and unbeleivable cute!

Answers: 1)jack black was a bit stupid and bogus as a host
2)Nick jonas was looking so so so cute and unbeleivable cute!

omg i totally agree!
i mean he was like wayy too excited about everything!
and yes nick looked sooo amazing!! gosh i love him!

ARGEED!!! I DO!!!!!!!!

as both
nick was sooooooooo adorable and cute
love him
jack black was annoying lol

yess i agreeee.
i loved nicks hair gelled back like how he was when he was little
but miley omg she didnt even thank her fans that made her get that award!


Nickkk remembered me of his young days[[when he was like 12-13]]

I mean he is still young..but u know what I mean...haha.=]

1. I completely and totally agree with you!!!
2. YES! I think they're all cute, but I didn't think Nick could top himself!!! Looks like Joe got a haircut too, and when Kevin was burping again, I was about to die, because it was gross and funny!!! Nick should wear his hair like that more often!! Or just to events like this. : ) <3 I just can't believe he got cuter!

I agree with both... and... orlando bloom looked really really good! haha

i could NOT agree with you more! jack black was annoying and acting too kiddish. NICK WAS SOOO HOT! ahhh i just wanted to eat him up :]

It doesnt matter what he wears
his hair looked so good a little slicked back


.....i TOTALLY agree with you. I mean..."one with the slime"? What was tht about?

And although I DO agree with you, let me jst say.....when does Nick Jonas ever NOT look unbelieveably cute? I mean....he is jst soooo GORGEOUS!!


yepp i completely AGREE!
Nick Jonas *sighs* hes unbelievably cute.

About Jack Black, well yes he put on this whole "trying to be funny" act that wasn't really corresponding with the audience, or the viewers, for that matter, but I suppose that's just the kind of person he is. Although last night I thought he didn't do a GREAT job of hosting, compared to previous hosts, I thought he did exceptionally well. And as for Nick Jonas, I've said this about ten times and I'll say it again, I thought he looked absolutely amazing. With his hair a little bit gelled back and a tiny bit shorter in the front, as well as his outfit, he looked like a man, instead of a fifteen year old teenager. And you can't help but love him for that!

I have to agree that Jack Black was really weird! Nick looked cute (as usual), but I didn't like how his hair stuck up. Did you notice that all 3 of the Jonas Brothers were wearing baggy pants instead of their usual stretchy-tight pants? Also, when the it was announced that the Jonas Brothers won, Miley Cyrus (who was sitting in front of them) didn't even congaratulate them (she barely even clapped)! Also, did you notice that the one girl who got to spend a day with the Jonas Brothers (off Ellen) was in the crowd? I could see her in the background when the Jonas Brothers were walking up! The Jonas Brothers should have totally performed instead of the STUPID Naked Brothers Band and Miley (can't sing) Cyrus!!


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