Who is your favourite actress?!

Question: Tell me 5 things why you like them?
Tell me 2 things which you dont like about them?


Answers: Tell me 5 things why you like them?
Tell me 2 things which you dont like about them?



1) great talent
2)down to earth
4)sings songs with good meanings

Nothing do I hate in her!!!

jessica alba.she's just sexy.

I have a lot of favorite actresses

umm this one is pretty difficult bit I'd have to say its kirsten dunst haha I spelled her name wrong? I think
but in all her movies she makes her roles so believeable!

and that movie crazy/beautiful! i know you all love it!

theres nothing wrong about kirsten

I like Kate Hudson.

Megan Fox
I like her because:
1-She's sexii
2-She's sexii
3-She's sexii
4-She's sexii
5-She's sexii
I don't like her because:
1-She's not mine
2-She's not mine!

Gamini Fonseka

Me!!! Once I get through acting school...

Actor: Tom Hanks!
I love everything about him =)

and speaking of acting, plz help me now! =)


Mandy Moore. She's just amazing!

natalie portman.
1) shes wicked smart (she went to harvard)
2) shes down to earth and doesnt get bad press
3) she is good at acting (duh thats why shes my fave)
4) she doesnt look trashy or fake, her hair is its natural color, she doesnt wear that much makeup, etc.
5) i met her once and she was really nice

i honstly dont dislike anything about her, i think she is great.

Angelina Jolie!!

things i love about her.....

1.) her lips!! and dont argue with me.
2.) her body!!
3.) her smile!!
4.) her little sexy mole!!!
5.) her eyebrows!!!!

things i hate about her...

1.) shes taken.... :(
2.) shes in love with that bastard!!

Meg Ryan, I think.

1. She has done good work - she's believable.
2. She hasn't done any weird, Sci-fi super-chick roles, leaving those for the younger actresses who are custom made for them.
3. She seems to be a genuinely nice person.
4. She's not in the tabloids every day, which I find seriously annoying.
5. She's in one of my favorite movies.

What don't I like?
She's too cute. I hate that! LOL
She hasn't updated her looks much in the last few years....she's gotten a bit boring in that respect.

Audrey Hepburn: Breakfast At Tiffanys
Roman Holiday
My Fair Lady
She was perfect...

Rachel Weisz....
She's cute.
Her face a little bit same as my dream girl.
She got a long hair.
She's fascinating.
Because I like her.

She's married.
She's kissing another actor in film making. (I'm so jealous)

i like rani mukherji becouse 1)i love her voice
2)she is brilient actress
3) the way she laugh
4)she suitable match for many hero like shahrukh, abhishek,saif ali.
i know by nature she is very gud.
now for dislike.1) she has no dressing sense, i dislike her dress inbunty n babali and in laga chunari me daag.
2) whe she marring with aditya chopara.

Jessica Alba
1) Gorgeous
2) Sexy
3) Beautiful eyes
4) Looks good in anything she wears
5) Looks good even when pregnant

1) Can't really act.
2) Got knocked up by some an unknown celebrity.

Julia Roberts 1) is a top notch actress 2) she commands the screen 3) looks-wise knocks me out. 4) figure to die for 5) Has no peer. (2 things I don't like: her facial features were purchased separated and just happened to work together. the other thing is she would crush me like a roach with her bare foot (although her bare foot would be gooood to die under!)

drew barymore (im not a lesbian ok)
she plays the cutest roles
i love her lisp and i wash i had one
she is mature
she is a good role model
she is a good actor eho is funny too


shes not very popular so she doesnt do many movies
she is getting older..not old old but hollywood old an di hope she continues to do movies

Hayden Panettiere.
1. She is a good actress
2. She isn't a bad singer
3. She is so down to earth
4. She uses her fame for good
5. She is really influential and stands for good stuff

There is nothing to hate about her.

Sarah Michelle Gellar.

natalie portman... she just come off as a very smart and sensitive actress.

i like Bipasha and priety Zinta
simple bcoz they are smart and i like dimples of priety zinta ,
and ofcourse, Bipasha is "Black Beauty" and her figure is cool..!!!

what about u?? who is ur favorite..??

golden hawns
1 good at acting
2 her hair
3 her eyes
4 her movies
5 she cool
what i don't like about her
1 she with kurt russell and im not
2 she with kurt russell and im not

Goerge cloney
1- nice
2- smily face
3-good actress
5-business man

Golden Globe winner Natalie Portman.

1. is selective with the roles she picks: she chooses to portray intelligent women who are wise beyond their years

2. educated, she has a degree from Harvard in psychology

3. Keeps her personal life personal and stays out of the tabloids.

4. She supports animal rights, is a vegetarian and does not wear fur, feathers or leather. She wears shoes from Target rather than leather.

5. Made straight A's in school before becoming an actress because, "[she'd] rather be smart than be a movie star."

Natalie Portman.

2 things I don't like about her:

1. I don't agree with all of her political views.
2. She went to Harvard.

But I love her anyway. She has been my favourite actress for years - especially after her fantastic and amazing performance in Return of the Sith. I don't believe that anyone else could quite do the performances she does. She has a very beautifully unique insight and interpretation of the characters she plays. She's not just another beautiful and talented actress (though I think she is the most beautiful and talented). She is a good person, a good role model for kids who feel the need to worship celebrities, values education, and loves animals.

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