Which jonas brother do you like the the best?!

Question: probably Joe Jonas
just b/c he's the cutiest and his hair is SOO awesome that u could probably fall asleep in it and feel like ur sleeping on a cloud
who's ur fav?

Answers: probably Joe Jonas
just b/c he's the cutiest and his hair is SOO awesome that u could probably fall asleep in it and feel like ur sleeping on a cloud
who's ur fav?


All of them are cute and amazing, but personally I like Nick best. He's soo cute and he just has a great personality. He has a great voice and is just great!

uhm I don't single them out
they are all equally awesome
just in different ways

Nick Jonas is my favorite. He has so much talent. his voice is heavenly-seriously angelic! Nick also is in a battle with diabetes, but he still trudges on and sings, and plays music. So inspiriatonal...

Joe Jonas <3

i like the all equally, but i think nick is the hottest :]


nick. =D

no fave!!!
they are all amazing!!!

All 3 of them!!

Joe is funny, hot, an awesome singer, compassionate, clever and random.

Kevin is the friendly mature one who holds the band together. He is very sweet and helps people in need [He used to do mission trips with his church] and is AMAZING at the guitar!

Nick is the shy, sweet one. He has such a heartmelting voice [both singing and just talking] is a very strong christian, [all of them are, but he focuses on Christ a lot] he's adorable and kind!


So all of you who picked Joe or Nick or Kevin or 2 of them you are not a real fan!

Joe. He is the cutest and has the best voice (in my opinion). I like them all but he's the cutest and he seems the most down to earth. Kevin isn't very cute and I don't care for his voice, and Nick is kind of cute but seems too shy.

Edit: For the person above me, no I'm not exactly a fan so I don't consider myself a true fan. I'm not a huge fan of their music but they're ok.

I LOVE them all! I can't pick one. I LOVE ALL OF THE JONAS BROTHERS!!
Nick because of his sensitivity. He's caring. He doesn't act immature but he does like to goof around once in a while. I think he has a good heart.
Joe because he's just plain old hilarious! He makes everyone laugh with his jokes and quotes. He is a ladies man. He knows how to talk to girls.
Kevin because he's so nice and down to earth. He doesn't have a lot of fans like the other 2 Jonas Bros have and he knows it but he is sweet and caring. He loves the art of music like Joe and Nick do and that's what's important.
Each Jonas Brothers are special and unique in their own way and it wouldn't be a band without them. A TRUE fan would pick all 3 of them.
~Jonas Love~???

NICK!!!! why?just look at him plus he seems like a fun and nice guy

1. Nick
2. Joe
3. Kevin
4. Frankie.

but i like them ALL. =]

this is sooooooooooooooo hard to answer!!!!!!! i like all of them! they are all really musically talented!! i would have to say i would be between Joe or Nick. my dad has diabetes like nick! Joe is really funny!!! And Nick is kinda quite (completely unlike me;-D), but he knows his music. He can play guitar, pianno, and drums(just like me!!)!!!

nick... i think you can understand why he is my favorite...


omg omg omg they're music is horrible,but they're soo hottt!!!im totally obsessed with joe,i wanna fuuckk him!!

i think joe is in the closet.
their music sucks.

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