If Donald trump?!

Question: spent the weekend at your house - would you charge him

Answers: spent the weekend at your house - would you charge him

Heck yes I would. 1 million per night. Then we he left I would yell "your Fired"!

yah, probably a million dollars cause i know hes got it;)

i would pick his brain and try to learn

would not refuse free dinners or beer though, or cash

yeah for everything ;)
he wont miss a million or two

no. I wouldn't do that to other people so I wouldn't do that to him. that's just plain mean and wrong. just because he has money does not mean everyone needs to take it.


no, I would make him put on some shorts and a t shirt from walmart, and a pair of flip flops. We would have a bar b que and eat corn on the cob.

Yes. I'd charge him a fair price though. Otherwise he'll just go to one of his many hotels + stay for free.

NO! Would you charge your friends or family. thats just me if he spent a weekend at my house That would be great plus at least he'd know that theirs a place he can go and not be bothered by anyone. I'd be glad to have him spending the weekend here.

I wouldn't even open the door.

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