What do u REALLY think of Britney Spears?!

Question: Do u like her music? is she a good singer? is she a good mother? does she party too much? is she scared to wear panties? is she a bad driver? is she a better parent than K-Fed? will she ever get her life back together?

Answers: Do u like her music? is she a good singer? is she a good mother? does she party too much? is she scared to wear panties? is she a bad driver? is she a better parent than K-Fed? will she ever get her life back together?


I like her music, yup. Her songs are good. They are fun to dance to.

I don't think about Britney because I don't care about Britney..

I really do admire her even of all those nasty rumors that's being spread by the public. She gave all her best to perform at the VMA's and even have some hot new singles out.

If I really wrote what I thought, I'd probably get it deleted.


HOW THE HELL can she shave her head????

I Love Britney shes one of a kind. She not the best singer but she has alot of club bangers. As a stylist I've learned that the media screws so much stuff up and put their own twist to it. Yes she party alot she should be at home thinkign of ways to better herself for her children. I think dont think K Fed is a better parent. And yes she wll get her life back together. Her album "Blackout" was the best pop comeback album of the year.

Britney is such a very pretty, talented and such a amazing singer. I have all of her albulms.

love her music her life is a wreck. lisen what britney does is her. thats none of our concern. so dont let it bother you. shs great. love her little sister. stop worrying about her. were like mad nosy up in her kool-laid.chillax.

She's a messed up freakin whackjob

High profile trailer trash.

One of the most miserable examples of how NOT to make memorable music!!! In other words, one of easily forgettable examples of single-use-only pop culture of today.

i like her music , the rest shes havin a nervous breakdown

Well I liked her first 3 albums better than her latest one.. i mean i have all of the songs from her latest album but I still prefer the previous ones. She's a pretty good singer but she has gone through a lot.. She's not that good of a mother but I do think she's improving without K-Fed there. He just wants her money (in my opinion) and I just read an article that said Britney wants him to undergo (idk what you call this process) but it's where he can't have kids anymore. She doesn't want him to spend all his money for another woman's kid. He refused and told her to get her tubes tied. yea.. so anyway.. bad driver.. well driving with her kids sitting on her lap? yea.. better parent than K-Fed? definitely. And I do think she'll get her life back together little by little. It'll take time but I believe she will =]

i used to like her and then she turned into a sluty whore so i stopped listening to her so i wont really know.yes she parties to much to have kids.she can be a good mother.maybe she is scared to wear panties who knows.i guess she could drive i dnt know.right now im sure she can be just as good as k-fed.
and i really hope she does get straightened out.

the fact of the matter is, many people have tried to help her. she has refused. she left rehab, she doesn't want to listen to anyone. she has brought all this stuff down on her self.

yes, the media does blow things up. if we drop a milkshake, it's not big deal, if a celebrity drops a milkshake, well, she may have problem of some sort.

but also point and case, britney has a ton of money and could live anywhere she wants. she chooses to live where poparattzi fester around. don't live in a slum if you are going to complain about the crime rate, you know what i mean?

i feel really sad for her. she was catapulted to fame at a young age(pressured by her mum) They are doing the same to her kid sister from what i can see.I think shes had so much so young.I think she was looking for love and found a bad boy..that was obviously appealing to her as she had a squeeky clean image at one point. I think she really did want children and i think she loves them dearly. I also am nearly a 100% certain that she has some kind of mental illness .Possibly postnatal depression or worse.Ive seen it in my family from personal experience.She hasnt had the help she desperatley needs.she knows how to get attention by behaving innappropriatly .She knows no different. I believe we all make mistakes with our children but we are not all in the public eye like she is and it doesnt get docummented like celebs failures do.K fed is worse than her as a parent. I dont doubt that he loves the children but lets face it. would he have hooked up with her is she was not famous??He left a pregnant girlfriend for goodness sake..Do you hear much about his relationship with that child??? NO..Would he be fighting for his kids in a normal relationship?It keeps him in the public eye!!Its a shame that the golden girl has ended up this way.I hope she does get sorted out. Im not a fan but i do understand her issues and i wish her well like anyone going through similar problems whether it be celeb world or our world.

I like her, I love her music, she does party too much and I hope that she sets her life straight.

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