Do the americans love Bollywood movies?!

Question: Iam not american, but I dislike bollywood movies.

Answers: Iam not american, but I dislike bollywood movies.

Some do, but I find that usually Americans who have desi parents like bollywood movies.

There are a few bollywood movies that became somewhat famous in America, like Lagaan or Monsoon Wedding, or Bend it like Beckham (I know it isn't bollywood), but they all had subtitles. I don't think the average American knows about them though.

lol i dont either
and yes, im american ha


My parents are desi and I had to go to those crap movies and watch them on tv every weekend when I was a kid.

I don't like's the same story over and over with lame songs that throw off the plot.

I love it. I think when it comes to drama, Bollywood tops it all. It's better than most American drama movies, or American movies in general. Their is so much meaning and depth into it all. You should see how many America's are glorified by some of their music videos. Their outfits, their songs, everything. And the girls are beautiful
Good movies
Hum dil de chuke sanam

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