Who is Vince's current girlfriend on Entourage?!


Who is Vince's current girlfriend on Entourage?

can anyone tell me Vince's current girlfriend on Entourage right now, or recent girlfriends he's had?


To be perfectly honest, I don't think Vince even remembered the girls name (or if he even met her before) that he was hanging out with on the last episode.

He met her at a traffic light or stop sign near the beach and he hopped out from the back of his car and into her convertible, (real cool move if you ask me) after she invited him to her friends beach house.

They ended up hanging out at her family friend's beach house - family friend ended up being Dennis Hopper!

Vince wins 100K betting on a soccer game at Hoppers House - Hopper routinely bets a million dollars on soccer games because american handicappers don't know squat about soccer and he gets great odds!

Vince ends up making out with the girl on Drama's couch and when the guys walk in he introduces her as "Sam".

After all that I hope I got her name right, sorry for all that info.

My answer is Sam (short for Samantha?)

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