People don't be fooled with danneel harris fantasy about dating jensen ackles?!


People don't be fooled with danneel harris fantasy about dating jensen ackles?

people ignore that fake danneel harris rumors about dating jensen ackles, she's not with him and never will he is married. If theyt so much were infact dating one another, wouldn't we all see them all over entertaniment tonight and publicized all over the world showing it? and trust me danneel isn't a private person if she's with someone she would definitely show us and tell us who she's with. Jensen doesn't even know her personally and wouldn't ever date an ugly chick like her, he prefers stephanie ware . I notice she's officially over all over silly fansites and fake blogs now she's even wormed her way all the way to livejournals where she's still conforting her fantasies trying to persuay us all that he's with jensen and demanding us all to say bhe's with her when he's totally not, so ignore the psycho and move on with that ridiculous lie and lets all pity for her!!! We know she's not with anyone at least not him.

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2 weeks ago
cinnamon buns, let me get this straight first of all I am not fantasizing about jensen nor am I dating him, second of all my cousin is with him romantically and that girl who was sitting by him wasn't his girlfriend that was his publicist, so offtop that wasn't anyone and third i was there with him at the con so was my cousin stephanie , so you can't tell me where i went or what i did when i were indeed there(the both of us) last, so I guess I dated my co-star when i played a little romantic movi with him to? Does that mean I am dating him in real life? Come on are you mentally disabled or you're just joking with me? Not!! You really are nuts because you're saying there dating in real life because they played a petty little movie together..hahha. what an idiot danneel needs help and so does two or maybe it's her again in disguise trying to pretend to be miss fanny girl again( guess what danneel that's all you can be is a fan because there would be nothing more than that)

2 weeks ago
honey, that silly source thingy that you said ten inch hero cast ect. just caught my eye, you are danneel you just told on yourself. you are a complete sicko, what do you want jensen? you seem a bit self-destruct about someone that isn't thinking about you or know you at all. get it through your heads he isn't with you or anyone that you know.


The only thing we know is that Jensen is not married to or even dating Stephanie Ware. And do you want to know why we know this? Because it's the truth and unlike you we can accept reality. You choose to live in a fantasy world were Jensen is married to you...oops, I mean you mother...I mean you cousin.

If Jensen was married he wouldn't hide his wife and every interview with him wouldn't say SINGLE! Whether or not he is dating Danneel doesn't matter, what matters is he's not married and obviously you need to be medicated!

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