Who was Princes Dianah and what was so special about her???= (?!


Who was Princes Dianah and what was so special about her???= (?

Who was she Who who who!!!!!!!!!


In my opinion, she was just a young girl who got swept away by the prince, she was used for breeding purposes only. It is widely suggested/accepted that he was having an affair with Camilla the whole of the time. Most British people seemed to take Diana's side. Her death has caused much controversy. It is widely believed that the MI5/MI6 were involved in her demise. Although she was divorced from Prince Charles, she was seeing a multi millionaire - he was an Arab. Conspiracy theorists suggest this is the reason she was 'killed'.

She came across to the public as a young, kind and loving person - she adored her sons William and Harry and wasn't afraid to show affection for them publicly. She would go to countries where children had been badly hurt by landmines and campaigned against the landmines. She would hold the hands of lepers and showed no fear.

Many many people had the utmost respect for her - and the vast majority of those people it would seem lost respect for the Prince of Wales and Camilla - who is now his wife.

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